For a better night’s sleep

Duette Dim-Out® blinds help reduce the amount of natural light coming into your room – making them ideal for bedrooms.

How it works

Duette Dim-Out® blinds have a specialist Mylar foil lining that minimises the amount of outside light coming in, making your room darker.

Child safe options

Our Dim-Out® blinds are ideal for children’s rooms, preventing outside light disturbing their sleep. Plus, we offer a range of cordless and child-safe operation methods.

Added efficiencies

The Mylar foil lining of Duette Dim-Out® blinds also adds further insulating benefits, helping to control the temperature as well as light.

Precisely made to measure for your windows
Ideal for bedrooms and children’s rooms
Choose cordless or child safe operation
A range of colours and patterns for any style

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Learn more about how Duette® blinds can help you add a beautiful touch to your home with an in-home design appointment with one of our specially trained advisors.

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