Innovative design

With their unique honeycomb structure, Duette® blinds give you better control of the temperature of your home, helping you stay cooler in summer and warmer through the winter.

How it works

Duette® energy saving blinds have a unique honeycomb structure that acts as an effective insulating barrier at your windows by trapping pockets of air.

Stay warm in the winter

As well as keeping out chilly drafts, Duette® blinds trap warm air inside your room – so you can dial down the thermostat and stay warmer for longer.

Keep cool in the summer

Duette® blinds work all year round to keep you comfortable – they’ll keep the sun’s heat out in summer so you can stay cool.

Up to 46% reduction in heat loss on double-glazed windows
Block up to 99% of UV rays
Reduce heat intake up to 78% in summer
Up to 45% sound absorption

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