Duette® sound absorbing blinds

The unique honeycomb structure of Duette® blinds can improve the acoustics of your room by absorbing up to 45% of outside noise, providing a bit more peace and quiet. Whether you live in a bustling urban area, a busy suburb, or a smaller village, they offer a sophisticated solution to noise pollution.

Benefits of Duette® sound absorbing blinds


Sound absorption

The clever air pockets within Duette® blinds work to minimise noise levels coming through your windows. For ultimate sound and light control, consider choosing Duette® blinds in a blackout fabric. This combination ensures a quieter space and a darker, more serene environment for undisturbed sleep or concentration.

Echo reduction

Duette® blinds help to improve the acoustic qualities of a room, absorbing any ambient sounds to create a less echoey and more comfortable space. They’re perfect for larger living areas and extensions where sound can bounce around, making conversations clearer and reducing background noise.

Seal of approval

The sound-absorbing qualities of Duette® blinds have been perfected over decades and tested by professional acousticians. This makes them ideal for spaces like bedrooms where you want to create a restful environment or living areas that face a busy street.

Step 1: Appointment

Request a free design consultation using our appointment request form and choose your preferred day and time. A range of weekend and evening slots are available. One of the Thomas Sanderson team will be in touch to confirm your appointment or offer you an alternative.

Step 2: Design Consultation

Your local Thomas Sanderson design expert will come to your home and guide you through our Duette® range. They will bring samples for you to look at and discuss the best options for your space. Your design consultant will also provide a no-obligation quote.

Step 3: Survey

Your local Thomas Sanderson installer will visit your home to verify your window or door measurements, to ensure the perfect fit for your Duette® blinds.

Step 4: Production

The Thomas Sanderson team will create your beautifully bespoke Duette® blinds, custom-made to your exact specifications. Only the best materials are used, tested to the highest standards.

Step 5: Install

Your Thomas Sanderson installer will return on installation day, taking time and care to ensure that your new Duette® blinds are fitted to the nearest millimetre. For added peace of mind, you have a five-year guarantee on materials and workmanship.

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