Space saving design

With a streamlined and contemporary design, Duette® blinds can help make the most of your bi-fold doors. Our innovative fitting techniques mean that your doors are still functional, even when your blinds are closed, as also shown on the Thomas Sanderson bifold door blinds page.

Tension fitted

Our patented tension technique means your blind will be fitted snug next to the glass, so your bi-fold door is still fully operable even with the blinds closed.

Maintain privacy

For larger glass spaces like bi-fold doors, Duette® blinds will help preserve privacy while still letting in lots of diffused daylight.

Energy efficient

The honeycomb structure of Duette® blinds provides an effective layer of insulation on the large glass areas of your bi-fold doors where heat is likely to escape your home.

Electric blinds

Add Somfy motorisation to your Duette® bi-fold doors, allowing you to effortlessly open and close your blinds using the remote control.

Precisely made to the size and shape of your bi-fold door
Reduce your energy bills by up to 25%
No drilling into your bi-fold door frames – preserve the warranty of your uPVC
Keep out up to 78% of heat in the summer

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