Energy Saving Blinds For Bedrooms

November 29th, 2020

As well as looking fabulous, Duette® energy-saving blinds will ensure a bedroom is nice and cosy in the cold winter months while in the summer they will help the bedroom to stay cool for a night of enhanced sleep.

Colourful child's bedroom with hot pink Duette energy-saving blinds

The unique structure of the Duette® blinds creates a quieter home improving the sound acoustics of the bedroom and reducing external noise.

Bedroom with colourful yellow Duette energy-saving blinds
White minimalist bedroom with Duette energy-saving blinds

All Duette® blinds come with a blackout option which completely blocks sunlight from coming into the room and disrupting sweet dreams. There’s also an option to have two transparencies fitted into the same window creating a unique look and feel, as well as total flexibility, allowing light into the bedroom while still maintaining privacy.

Child's bedroom with Duette energy-saving blinds

Duette® blinds have the added benefit of helping with ‘climate control’; the insulating honeycomb design keeps rooms at a comfortable and consistent temperature.

Modern bedroom with full length windows fitted with Duette energy-saving blinds

Duette® blinds are available in more than 300 colour, texture and transparency options for the perfect blind to complement existing colour schemes and all styles of decoration.

Elegant blue bedroom with blue Duette energy saving blinds

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