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The Best Blinds For Large Windows

July 18th, 2022
Large expanses of glass in UK homes are a huge trend – with huge advantages including lots of natural light and the opportunity to enjoy inspiring views.

How To Keep A Home Cool

June 6th, 2022
Five Ways To Keep Homes Cool Without Using Electricity Guzzling AC units and fans.

Take The Heat Out Of Your Conservatory This Summer

March 22nd, 2022
A conservatory is one of the most aesthetically pleasing rooms within a home especially in summertime, with natural light in abundance and beautiful uninterrupted views of the outdoors.

Tips On How To Make Your Home Cosy

November 30th, 2021
As the frost sets in, the first thing you’ll want to do is make it warm and welcoming, particularly as the evenings draw-in and the colder nights creep up on us.

Energy Saving Blinds For Kitchens

November 27th, 2021
First and foremost, your kitchen blinds need to be able to stand the practical demands of the kitchen; the wet; the spills, splashes and stains that are part and parcel of every busy home.

Cosy Bedrooms from the Blogosphere

October 15th, 2021
We’ve handpicked the best ideas from the blogging world so you can stay snug in the bedroom this winter. This time of year is perfect for picking up inspiration on how to make your favourite room in the house the cosiest too.
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