Duette® bay window blinds

A bay window is a beautiful focal point of a home, with a unique shape and panoramic views of the outside world. Duette® blinds for bay windows can help you make the most of this striking feature, with elegant energy-efficient styles. As well as being modern bay window blinds, Duette® fabrics offer effortless privacy and light control.

Benefits of Duette® bay window blinds


Custom-made for the perfect fit

Beautiful bay windows come in many different shapes and sizes, from box bay windows to curved bay windows, and from angled bay windows to multifaceted windows. By choosing custom-made Duette® blinds, you can be sure of a perfect fit, no matter what the style of your bay window.

Balance light and privacy

Duette® blinds for bay windows provide ultimate privacy and light control. You even have the option to mix and match two fabrics in a Transition setting in your bay window. Choose a sheer style to make the most of the natural light while offering privacy in the daytime. You could then pair a translucent fabric with blackout bay window blinds for supreme versatility.

Convenient electric options

Electric bay window blinds offer ultimate convenience. Operate your electric Duette® blinds with a remote control, without leaving the comfort of your sofa. This feature is particularly useful for larger bay windows. Smart upgrades allow you to set timers to move the blinds in your bay window according to your schedule, maximising sunlight and privacy throughout the day.

Maintain the perfect temperature

Duette® blinds have an innovative thermal structure, which helps to prevent draughts through a bay window. Air pockets within the blinds create an insulating barrier at your bay window, reducing heat loss by up to 55%. These clever energy-efficient blinds help to regulate the temperature of a room, allowing you to enjoy your bay window all year round.

Step 1: Appointment

Request a free design consultation using our appointment request form and choose your preferred day and time. A range of weekend and evening slots are available. One of the Thomas Sanderson team will be in touch to confirm your appointment or offer you an alternative.

Step 2: Design Consultation

Your local Thomas Sanderson design expert will come to your home and guide you through our Duette® range. They will bring samples for you to look at and discuss the best options for your space. Your design consultant will also provide a no-obligation quote.

Step 3: Survey

Your local Thomas Sanderson installer will visit your home to verify your window or door measurements, to ensure the perfect fit for your Duette® blinds.

Step 4: Production

The Thomas Sanderson team will create your beautifully bespoke Duette® blinds, custom-made to your exact specifications. Only the best materials are used, tested to the highest standards.

Step 5: Install

Your Thomas Sanderson installer will return on installation day, taking time and care to ensure that your new Duette® blinds are fitted to the nearest millimetre. For added peace of mind, you have a five-year guarantee on materials and workmanship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have blinds on a bay window?

Yes, Duette® blinds in a bay are an excellent choice. They are suitable for all rooms of the home, providing a huge range of benefits. In a bedroom, a blackout design is a great addition to restrict light for a better night's sleep. In a living space, Duette® blinds can offer privacy and light control in a bay window. With a stylish range of materials to choose from, you can also select blinds for your bay window to suit your home decor.

How to insulate a bay window

Duette® blinds are a great choice to insulate a bay window. Air pockets within each Duette® blind create an insulating barrier at the window pane, making them one of the best blinds for energy efficiency. The innovative honeycomb structure of the blinds can reduce heat loss through a window by up to 55%. Duette® blinds in a bay will help your space stay at the perfect temperature all year round.

What is the difference between a box and bay window?

A box bay window is a particular style of bay window. A box bay window is generally shaped like a rectangular box, with a flat front and sides. This type of bay window is also known as a square bay window and features striking angles. It has a different appeal to curved windows, although both varieties come under the bay window banner. Opting for blinds in a bay can help you make the most of this beautiful feature.

Which window treatments are best for a bay?

In a bay window, Duette® blinds provide a sleek, modern alternative to more traditional Roman blinds or curtains. Historically, Roman blinds and curtains have been popular choices for bay windows because they are available with blackout linings and thermal linings. Duette® blinds feature desirable practical benefits, with a more contemporary appeal. A range of blackout fabrics is available within the Duette® range and the innovative honeycomb structure of the blinds creates an energy-efficient insulating barrier at your window. Day and Night blinds, Roller blinds, Faux wood blinds, and real Wooden blinds are also common choices for a bay window, as they provide privacy control. Duette® blinds offer effortless control over sunlight and privacy, with smart electric options available for added ease.

Inherently child safe
Free design consultation
Made to measure
Smart options available