The Best Blinds For Large Windows

Large expanses of glass in UK homes are a huge trend – with huge advantages including lots of natural light and the opportunity to enjoy inspiring views.

Being such a statement in a room, large windows clearly deserve window dressings that make the most of their assets and dressing large windows also has some specific practical needs.

Modern living room with windows fitted with Duette recycled fabric blinds

Here’s five reasons why Duette® blinds are brilliant for big windows:

1. Made-to-Measure

Opting for made-to-measure Duette® blinds means blinds can be tailored to exact window sizes – and can be large too. Bringing in a made-to-measure specialist can also eliminate the chance of costly self-measuring errors. Our experts can also advise on the number of blinds needed for large glass windows so that the blinds will still operate smoothly.

Choosing a top-down / bottom-up operation with a made-to-measure blind also enables Duette® blinds to be positioned exactly where they are needed for privacy and light control while still maintaining a view to the outside.

Modern living room with large tilt windows fitted with pink Duette energy saving blinds

2. Heat Loss & Heat Gain

Large windows can feel draughty and experience higher levels of heat loss than walls. Plus the glare from the sun also makes it difficult to control the amount of heat entering a room.

Duette® energy saving blinds are more than just a stylish way to dress a large window. They help to manage the hot and cold variables of the British climate with their specially developed honeycomb design and with an innovative coating on the window-facing side of the blind.

They reflect the sun’s warmth during the summer months and prevent heat loss during the cooler month from double glazed windows by up to 55%. This could equate to up to 12% less energy required for heating.

"Investing in insulated blinds can ensure large windows aren’t an expensive source of heat loss in the home."

Large open plan living space with bi fold doors fitted with white Duette energy saving blinds

3. Automation

Opting for electric blinds with the Somfy®  system allows Duette® blinds to be programmed to account for the changes that happen throughout the day, and even the year, to deliver a consistent and comfortable light level in the space. It will also make the lowering and lifting of blinds easier where a number of large blinds are fitted.

Modern child's bedroom with large windows fitted with Duette energy saving blinds

4. Visual Effects

Dressing a large window – particularly floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall variations is almost like choosing a wall covering. Neutral schemes are popular because they won’t dominate a room and can add a feeling of space and light even when closed.

Large modern living rooms fitted with Duette blinds for large windows

Duette® blinds also come in three transparency options; transparent, semi-sheer and room darkening options. The natural beauty of the fabrics and designs can create beautiful light effects with dappled illumination.

There’s also an option to have two different transparencies fitted in to the same Duette® blind for total flexibility allowing for maximum light and glare control in the room.

Duette® blinds can completely transform the look and feel of a room when when closed. Adding a large window dressing with a pop of colour can create a dramatic look. Mixing colours can work really well too, helping to break up a large or long expanse of windows from becoming an oppressive solid block.

Variety of home interiors in varying colours fitted with Duette blinds for large windows

5. Privacy & Security

Creating a room with a view also means prying eyes can peer into the home too! So privacy and security considerations also need to be managed. Keeping home contents out of view can be a wise home security measure. Again opting for a Duette® blinds top-down bottom-up operating system can be a great way to provide privacy without fully closing a blind.

Modern home interiors with large windows fitted with Duette energy saving blinds
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