Duette® skylight and roof lantern blinds

Duette® window blinds are a neat solution for skylights and roof lanterns, offering complete control over the beautiful natural light entering a room. A striking range of fabrics within the Duette® range helps you make the most of these feature windows, while the clever honeycomb structure of the blinds works to reduce heat loss.

Benefits of Duette® skylight and roof lantern blinds


Prevent heat loss

Featuring an innovative honeycomb structure, Duette® blinds can reduce heat loss through windows by up to 55%. The clever air pockets within the fabric trap heat and supply an extra layer of insulation in winter. They also prevent a room from becoming uncomfortably hot from direct sunlight in summer.

Provide light control

Duette® blinds offer optimum light control in a feature window such as a skylight or roof lantern. Sheer fabrics provide a really effective way to reduce glare and softly diffuse the lovely natural light, while blackout designs are our most popular choice for a skylight or roof window in a bedroom.

Great for unusual shapes

Duette® skylight blinds and roof lantern blinds can be made to fit almost any window shape. They are ideal for larger areas of glass and are even suitable for complex orangery roof lanterns. Our Duette® thermal skylight blinds and roof lantern blinds are custom-made for the perfect finish every time.

Smart electric roof lantern blinds

Electric blinds are a convenient option for hard-to-reach roof lanterns. You can choose to operate electric roof lantern blinds with a remote control, or even voice command using a smart hub. At your in-home appointment, your design consultant will recommend the best electric blinds for your room.

Step 1: Appointment

Request a free design consultation using our appointment request form and choose your preferred day and time. A range of weekend and evening slots are available. One of the Thomas Sanderson team will be in touch to confirm your appointment or offer you an alternative.

Step 2: Design Consultation

Your local Thomas Sanderson design expert will come to your home and guide you through our Duette® range. They will bring samples for you to look at and discuss the best options for your space. Your design consultant will also provide a no-obligation quote.

Step 3: Survey

Your local Thomas Sanderson installer will visit your home to verify your window or door measurements, to ensure the perfect fit for your Duette® blinds.

Step 4: Production

The Thomas Sanderson team will create your beautifully bespoke Duette® blinds, custom-made to your exact specifications. Only the best materials are used, tested to the highest standards.

Step 5: Install

Your Thomas Sanderson installer will return on installation day, taking time and care to ensure that your new Duette® blinds are fitted to the nearest millimetre. For added peace of mind, you have a five-year guarantee on materials and workmanship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do skylight blinds work?

Thermal skylight blinds and loft blinds are an excellent way to control light ingress and glare through the glass in a roof. They really cover all bases. A sheer fabric will softly diffuse the sunlight, while a blackout fabric is ideal for a bedroom. The clever cellular structure of Duette® roof blinds can even help to keep the space warm in winter and cool in summer. Skylight blinds are easily operated using a wand, providing the desired amount of shade in your room.

How do you open and close skylight blinds?

Duette® skylight blinds are operated using a wand. Open the blind to let lots of lovely light in. Close it to prevent glare, supply the desired amount of shade, or provide a complete blackout. The fixed wire-free wand operation is convenient for hard-to-reach windows and is child-safe by design, as there are no hanging cords. Duette® electric blinds are not compatible with skylight windows.

How do you open and close roof lantern blinds?

Duette® thermal roof lantern blinds are wand-operated as standard. For ultimate convenience, you can upgrade to electric roof lantern blinds, powered by Somfy. Battery-powered electric blinds can be remote-controlled, set up with a mobile phone, or even voice-controlled using a smart hub. At your in-home appointment, your design consultant will provide extra support. They will cover the best roof lantern blind technology to suit your room, based on your requirements.

Can you buy skylight blinds and roof lantern blinds in unusual sizes?

Duette® skylight blinds and roof blinds can be made to fit almost every shape of window, as they are custom-made for the perfect finish every time. Beautifully bespoke blinds are the ideal choice if you have a large glass expanse that you're not sure what to do with. At your in-home appointment, your design consultant can recommend a roof lantern blind or skylight blind tailored to your needs.

Will a skylight or roof lantern blind turn yellow over time with the sun?

Duette® blinds are made from premium quality materials for a long-lasting finish after installation. Duette® fabrics are made from UV-stabilised polymers, the highest grade of polyester available. This means that the colour of a Duette® skylight or roof lantern blind will last longer than the colour of Pleated blinds for skylights or lantern roofs made from lower-quality materials. Inferior fabrics may fade or turn yellow over time.

How do you clean skylight blinds?

The good news is that Duette® blind fabrics are electrostatically impregnated, which helps to prevent dust from settling. If you wish to clean your skylight blind from time to time following installation, the easiest way to do this is with the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner, designed for furnishings and upholstery. A feather duster that extends to the ceiling is suitable as well. You can also use a damp cloth on the fabric, being mindful not to press too hard on the Pleated blinds.

Inherently child safe
Free design consultation
Made to measure
Smart options available