How To Keep A Home Cool

Five Ways To Keep Homes Cool Without Using Electricity Guzzling AC units and fans

Brits wait for summer sun all year – but when it comes the sun’s glare can bring a whole host of problems to UK homes, from hot and stuffy rooms to fading furniture and sleepless nights for the whole family.

When temperatures rise it pays to invest in some clever products that can help create a cooler, more comfortable environment.

There are lots of brilliant and quirky ‘life hacks’ for cooling down in the summer – from ‘cold water bottles’ to putting sheets in the freezer. Home hacks are just as important, yet often overlooked.

The top tip for a cooler home is to aim to regulate temperature all of the time, rather than letting a house overheat to then have to implement drastic measures to cool it down, although an ice fan is a great idea to blast a room with a quick fix.

These are the most effective ways to deliver climate control as well as keep electricity bills down.

1. Get Wise At Windows – Blinds with Benefits

The most effective way to prevent rooms from overheating is by reducing the amount of heat entering a room through the windows.

Coral Duette energy saving blinds for keeping heat out the home

Forget expensive air conditioning units and electric-guzzling fans – energy-saving window treatments like Duette® blinds, reflect up to 78% of the sun’s warmth.

It’s all thanks to the specially developed honeycomb design that traps air and reflects heat along with an innovative coating on the window-facing side of the blind.

Choosing these blinds – that are super stylish too – will help make rooms cooler and more comfortable.

Duette® blinds can also be fitted to a traditional patio, sliding glass or bi-fold door without screwing or drilling – so homeowners can still let in the fresh air and the view in whilst also capitalising on the cooler evening hours by allowing air to flow naturally through the home.

Duette blinds fitted to french doors and windows to keep home cool

A top-down bottom-up operating system makes these blinds even more effective to concentrate the shade just where it is needed as the sun moves around.

Protect your home furnishings from fading from the summer sun with Duette® blinds, proven to block up to up 99% UV rays.

Duette® blinds are perfect for south-facing rooms, conservatories and summer rooms where the sun’s heat and glare can be a real problem.

Duette smart blinds in a living room and and kitchen diner to keep sun out of the home

2. Power Down

Houses are full of powered appliances that give off varying levels of heat. Keeping powered items turned off will make a small difference but it all helps. The main offenders are ovens and gas hobs – swap indoor cooking for BBQing and salads.

Light bulbs also give off heat so take advantage of the longer sunshine-filled summer days and utilise the abundance of natural light as much as possible. Keep rooms cool after dark (and save energy!) by using lights minimally (or not at all) and be sure to unplug electronics and small appliances which also give off heat, even when turned off.

3. Swap In The Right Rugs

Thick fluffy rugs are great underfoot in the winter – but swap these out in the summer months for thinner, cooler fabrics. The Rug Seller has one of the biggest choices of rugs in the UK, including a selection of natural fibre rugs and mats that are eco-friendly as they are produced using a range of natural products such as hemp, jute and sisal with stylish cotton borders. These collections offer unique textures that are hardwearing and very popular for high traffic areas such as dining rooms, kitchens, hallways and conservatories.

Home interiors

4. White Is Right

Painting houses white reflects heat. This advice was included in a booklet issued by the Department of Health explaining how to deal with periods of extremely hot weather. Similarly, keeping walls light and white in sun-filled rooms will also help them to reflect heat rather than absorb it. Reflective wallpapers are another option, or vinyl wallpapers can be a great option for summers, they are washable and come in a range of cooling colours. Also, consider thermal lining paper that will reduce outside warmth coming into a home from walls. Try for a huge range of light reflecting wallpapers.

White minimalist bedroom decor

5. Bed Down

And when it comes to bedrooms – get climate control for your windows and your bed with smart solutions.

Duette® energy-saving blinds bring a number of bonus features to bedrooms. As well as looking great, Duette® blinds will keep out up to 78% of the heat, so you can comfortably sleep in a cool environment. No more sticky nights!

Duette® blinds come in three transparencies: translucent, semi-sheer and completely opaque. Blackout blinds can help to create a peaceful haven allowing for a deeper, more restful sleep and a natural wake up time when the body is ready.

The unique honeycomb design provides an effective solution to absorbing sounds by up to 45%, improving the interior acoustics for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Children's bedroom with Duette energy saving blinds for heat reduction

There is an abundance of natural as well as new and advanced options when it comes to bedding that will maintain better climate control even under the sheets.

Cotton sheets are still a great option during the summer months as this breathable material stays cooler than satin, silk or polyester options. For an especially cool and comfortable slumber invest in ‘breathable bedding’ such as The Fine Bedding Company’s Summer Duvets, or its specially developed Cool Touch pillow, both of which have temperature control action.

White minimalist bedroom with large windows

It’s also worthwhile investing in a thermometer within the home, identify rooms that are overheating when temperatures soar and look at ways to cleverly keep them at a comfortable 79F (26C) or below.

Staying cool in the summer doesn’t have to cost the earth – literally. Saving energy isn’t just for the winter, summer is a great time to power down.

If you would like more tips and home hacks, also take a look at our ‘Smart Home Hacks to Keep Rooms Cool in the Summer‘!

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