Duette® gable end blinds

A gable window is a stunning feature of any home, with unparalleled views and a striking shape. Duette® gable blinds make a wonderful addition to a feature window, as they are custom-made to fit all shapes and sizes of glass perfectly. Offering versatile shading options and an energy-efficient thermal design, Duette® gable blinds are practical as well as stylish.

Benefits of Duette® gable end blinds


Shaped solutions offer the perfect fit

Duette® gable end blinds are custom-made to fit a shaped window perfectly. Each gable blind is beautifully bespoke, specifically designed to fit gable windows and apex windows to the nearest millimetre.

Convenient smart electric options

Electric blinds are ideal for larger gable end windows, especially shaped windows that are high-up or hard-to-reach. Opt for motorised blinds with remote control operation, or upgrade to voice control using a smart hub.

Easy climate control

Duette® gable blinds can reduce heat loss through windows by up to 55%. Honeycomb cells within the window blinds create an insulating barrier, which maintains warmth in winter. In summer, the gable blinds reduce heat gain to keep your room cool.

Step 1: Appointment

Request a free design consultation using our appointment request form and choose your preferred day and time. A range of weekend and evening slots are available. One of the Thomas Sanderson team will be in touch to confirm your appointment or offer you an alternative.

Step 2: Design Consultation

Your local Thomas Sanderson design expert will come to your home and guide you through our Duette® range. They will bring samples for you to look at and discuss the best options for your space. Your design consultant will also provide a no-obligation quote.

Step 3: Survey

Your local Thomas Sanderson installer will visit your home to verify your window or door measurements, to ensure the perfect fit for your Duette® blinds.

Step 4: Production

The Thomas Sanderson team will create your beautifully bespoke Duette® blinds, custom-made to your exact specifications. Only the best materials are used, tested to the highest standards.

Step 5: Install

Your Thomas Sanderson installer will return on installation day, taking time and care to ensure that your new Duette® blinds are fitted to the nearest millimetre. For added peace of mind, you have a five-year guarantee on materials and workmanship.

Inspiration and ideas for Duette® gable end window blinds

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gable end?

A gable end window is a window positioned in a gable. This type of feature window is popular because it has a striking visual appeal, offers an unobstructed view of the outside world, and allows lots of lovely natural light to enter a room. Duette® gable blinds and apex blinds provide the perfect finishing touch to make the most of this fabulous feature.

How do you dress a gable end window?

Gable window blinds or apex blinds are a great choice to dress a gable end window. These triangle window blinds are beautifully bespoke and made-to-measure to fit shaped windows to the nearest millimetre. A Duette® gable blind works to reduce heat loss and provide shading control. Electric options are also available for ultimate convenience, which neatly retract when you want to make the most of the view.

How do you insulate a gable end?

As well as being stylish shading solutions, Duette® gable blinds and apex blinds offer a great way to insulate a gable end window. These stunning blinds feature a honeycomb structure. Within the triangular window blinds are air pockets, which create an insulating barrier. Duette® window blinds can help to reduce loss by as much as 55%.

How do blinds work in a gable end?

Each Duette® gable blind is beautifully bespoke, made-to-measure to fit a gable end to the nearest millimetre. Electric window blinds are ideal for high-up, hard-to-reach gable windows. Duette® window blinds are a practical and stylish shading solution for a gable window, providing privacy and light control. Another clever detail is the honeycomb cells within the window blinds, which work to reduce heat loss.

Are there blinds for angled windows?

Yes, Duette® gable blinds are the ideal choice for an angled window. Each of our shaped blinds and triangle window blinds is custom-made to fit even the most unusually shaped window. A Duette® gable blind offers premium practicality and style compared with traditional shading solutions.

Inherently child safe
Free design consultation
Made to measure
Smart options available