Duette® door blinds

It's not just windows that can benefit from Duette® blinds; they are also great for doors. These clever thermal blinds offer the perfect balance of light and privacy control. Their contemporary streamlined design is suited to nearly all glass pane doors, including patio doors, uPVC doors, and bi-fold doors. The innovative cellular structure of a Duette® blind also helps to prevent heat loss through your door.

Benefits of Duette® door blinds


Provide privacy

Duette® patio door blinds, bi-fold door blinds, and French door blinds protect your privacy while allowing lovely diffused light in. They are an ideal choice for large doors at the back of the home where you may be overlooked.

Climate control

Duette® blinds can reduce heat loss through your windows by up to 55%. Air pockets within the blind create an insulating barrier at your door, which helps to keep your room warm in winter. They also keep to keep things cool in summer, by reflecting heat from the sun.

Accessible handles and locks

With Duette® patented tension fitting, your door blind will be installed snugly next to the glass, leaving handles and locks accessible. This means you can continue to operate the door while the blind is closed, allowing easy access to your garden or outdoor space.

Mix and match fabrics

For ultimate versatility, you have the option to fit two Duette® fabrics in a Transition setting at your door frame. Pair a modern sheer fabric with a blackout design for day and night privacy. Or mix and match different styles, colours, and textures for an eclectic look.

Step 1: Appointment

Request a free design consultation using our appointment request form and choose your preferred day and time. A range of weekend and evening slots are available. One of the Thomas Sanderson team will be in touch to confirm your appointment or offer you an alternative.

Step 2: Design Consultation

Your local Thomas Sanderson design expert will come to your home and guide you through our Duette® range. They will bring samples for you to look at and discuss the best options for your space. Your design consultant will also provide a no-obligation quote.

Step 3: Survey

Your local Thomas Sanderson installer will visit your home to verify your window or door measurements, to ensure the perfect fit for your Duette® blinds.

Step 4: Production

The Thomas Sanderson team will create your beautifully bespoke Duette® blinds, custom-made to your exact specifications. Only the best materials are used, tested to the highest standards.

Step 5: Install

Your Thomas Sanderson installer will return on installation day, taking time and care to ensure that your new Duette® blinds are fitted to the nearest millimetre. For added peace of mind, you have a five-year guarantee on materials and workmanship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fit blinds to uPVC doors?

Yes, the Duette® range is one of the best blind types suitable for an uPVC door. A patented tension technique means your door blind is fitted within the door frame next to the window pane. This leaves handles and locks accessible so you can continue to use your uPVC door even when the blind is closed.

Can you have blinds on bi-fold doors?

Yes, Duette® are ideal thermal blinds for Bi-fold doors. A stunning range of colour and fabric options will help you to make the most of this desirable feature. Choose a sheer fabric to diffuse the sunlight, or a blackout option to block it out. With a beautifully bespoke finish every time, you can rest assured that your Duette® blinds for bi-fold doors will fit the window to the nearest millimetre.

Can you put blinds on French doors?

Yes, Duette® are great thermal blinds for patio doors and French doors. As well as being energy efficient, there are beautiful colour and fabric options within the range. Duette® blinds for patio doors and French doors help to preserve privacy while letting in the desired amount of light.

Inherently child safe
Free design consultation
Made to measure
Smart options available