Do You Value The U-Value?

U-values are not something you’re likely to be chatting about over breakfast, but they are something the team behind Duette® blinds value very seriously. This little calculation can make a big difference in how effective a material is at insulating; in other words, how energy efficient it is.

Child's bedroom with yellow Duette energy saving blinds for sustainability

The lower the U-value of a material, the better it is at insulating. So for example, a wall has a U-value of 0.3 which is pretty good, whereas a single glazed window has a U-value of 5 – not so good…

Duette® energy-saving blinds are a simple and cost-effective way to lower a window’s U-value; in fact, they’re proven to keep more heat in your home and reduce heat loss by up to 46%.

Heat map of where heat is lost from a home

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that if you have single-glazed windows, you’re probably losing a fifth of your heat straight out through the glass. Double glazing can lower this by almost half taking the U-value to 2.8. Add Duette® blinds to a window, and you can reduce this even more.

U-value sustainability

So that’s Duette® blind’s U-values, and with Mothers’ Day around the corner, we’d like to know what ‘U-Value’ most about your mum. You can share your praise here:

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